Peace out! See you next year!!!


All good things come to an end at some point and DAS FLOßRENNEN 2016 FÜR VIVA CON AGUA is now officially over as well! 

We thank all the wonderful participants on the 16 rafts, the motivated organizers, the good willing sponsors and the almighty Spree – you made this raft race to something truly special and unique.

During DAS FLOßRENNEN 2016 we managed to gather the bombastic amount 871 EURO for projects of Viva con Agua  - Boom!

Now since all has been said,

See you at the next raft race in 2017 you pirates!!


dsc_0548-min dsc_0573-min dsc_0595-min dsc_0679-min dsc_0500-min dsc_0486-min dsc_0373-min dsc_0353-min dsc_0519-min dsc_0702-min 14001691_1373238009359078_827304138_o-min dsc_0536-min 14001879_1373238876025658_792825553_o-min 14012551_1373238902692322_1869248220_o-min dsc_0218-min dsc_0309-min 13950851_1373238012692411_1884241798_o-min 13978170_1373239262692286_1818106636_o-min dsc_0343-min dsc_0337-min

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